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Packing & Unpacking Service

We assist in moving you safely, whether it’s packing your entire house, or just the wardrobe or kitchen, just let us know we’re ready with an experienced team. We understand the extra care needed for your fragile kitchen items. So we wrap them individually but group them together. Also, the extra care needed for the antiques. We bubble wrap them safely.

Not to leave the toiletries and cosmetics, liquids are packed separately with additional plastic wrap between the lid and the bottle. Each and every box is labeled to which room it belonged.

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House Moving

Move your house with CT Movers’ modern moving technologies and enjoy the hassle-free experience, no matter how large or small the job is. Every job we undertake is unique and requires our complete attention to every single detail. With our expert team, we assist in all types of your moving needs in perth. In doing so, we assist not only in packing and loading the belongings but also unload and unpack the things at the desired room. Just let us know if you need assistance in shifting your furniture from one room to another as well. As part of our duty, we take utmost care of your belongings.

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Office Moving Services

Office Moving

Our office relocation team is well trained and is competent enough to do everything to make your move an efficient job. We comprehend all sorts of office equipment, computers, files, records, furniture, and electronic systems are valuable to you as well as to us. We also assist in removal/re-sticking of floor carpets, installation of air conditioners and electronic items. Our expert team can help you to relocate to any desired destination. Whether you have a small office moving across the town or a multi-national corporation moving across the country, we can meet all your needs with ease.

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Piano Moving

For years of experience CT Movers in perth have taken pride in the handling of your fragile and heavy items. Whether it is the moving of the piano to the concert or billiards table to the new residence or any musical instruments in the basement or in the garage, we are here to make it as smooth as possible. We can safely maneuver the heavy pieces through the right sized trolley and lift it into the truck with the help of a hydraulic hoist. We will secure the piano or billiard table in our truck for safe transportation.

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Warehousing and Storage


CT Movers have spacious warehousing facility with good maintenance schedule related to the cleaning of the premises, pest control, and fire protection equipment and protocol.

We cover all goods and shipments under appropriate insurance policies. Our warehouses know how to conveniently as well as securely store documents, Musical Instruments, Mattresses, Electronic Equipment, Home furnishings, Computers, Antiques and incalculable other kinds of stuff.

The warehouse is taken care of round the clock with extreme security. You can trust CT Movers as our warehouses have especially been designed to look after your belongings as long as you want.

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Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

Our vacant cleaning services give you the benefit of a clean and a fresh pre and post moving. We include cleaning of Residential Pre- and Post-Move Cleaning, Office and Commercial Space Cleaning, Restaurant Cleaning for Inspection, and Emergency and Disaster Cleaning. Our cleaning services include sanitizing and cleaning every corner of the property. All the rooms are made spotless with a shiny floor. We have a dedicated team that not only uses professional equipments and branded cleaning chemicals but also checks the last detail of the cleaning like door handles, skirting boards, and cabinets.

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Fixed Return Charges. No Penalty Rates on Holidays.

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Trust the caring professionals with over 10 years in the business. Moving just got a whole lot less stressful. Our great team is dedicated to providing you:

  • Safe, necessary services that act as great aids to you when you move.
  • Friendly and immediate customer relations so that you never feel as if you’re on your own throughout the process of your move.
  • Quality trained and completely trusted individual Removalists to care for your valuables in a safe and positive environment.
  • Custom-designed packing materials and boxes that allow a trusted and safe relocation of your possessions. We don’t rely on flimsy boxes to move your valuables, and neither should you.
  • Absolute safety and security of every item that you are moving within Perth by use of excellent security systems/facilities to keep your possessions cared for.

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CT Movers is the leading company in charge of collecting and moving items in the home or office. We manage business professionals with highly dedicated, trained staff, experienced and competent teams, to work effectively to meet customer needs. As a pioneer in Packing and Moving, we have to transfer goods in an efficient way to the customer’s destination.

We provide services in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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