Checklist for Moving Your Office in Australia (Full Guide)

Checklist for Moving Your Office in Australia

Are you planning on moving your office to Australia? Most times, this can be a difficult task. It can also create a lot of problems if it is not handled correctly. In this article, I want to show you how to move your office from one part of Australia to another without any hassle. Follow me as we will look at these steps together in this article.



First and foremost, I am going to divide the steps you will take when moving your office into five steps:

First Step


#1 Enough Notice

Enough Notice

To be candid, finding a new office is easy, you have to give a lot of time before you start searching. You do not need to wait until the last minute before you start looking for a new location. You have to ensure that you give maximum grace at least six months to the end of your current due. This will ensure that you are not forced to move to a wrong location later on.


#2 Set Up a Team

Set up team

There is a need for you to set up a planning team that can effectively handle the relocation process. The team has to delegate tasks and ensure that they are giving you updates as and when due. You don’t want to get to the last stage before you discover that nothing is being done.


#3 Get Quote

Get Quote

After you might have decided on the desired location, you have to start getting quotes from moving companies capable of assisting you in moving your office items from your old location to a new office.


#4 Moving Insurance

Moving insurance

To move effectively, you need to consider your equipment generally. You have to consider your equipment generally. You have to look at those items that need moving insurance. You have to be sure of the moving company you will use in moving your items. You will not want a situation where your office items are damaged in transit, and there is no one to compensate you.


#5 Set Moving Budget

Moving Budget

Most times, when you fail to decide and set much money aside to cover your movement, you might end up sending more than your desired budget. There is a need to make sure that money has been set aside and given to the planning team. This will allow you to prevent overspending at the end of the day. You should always discourage any move to overshoot the budget, except it becomes necessary.


Step Two

At the second stage of making your move, you need to make sure that appropriate stakeholders are communicated accordingly. You need to make sure that you notify your current landlord. You have to give them an official notification that you want to vacate the building. It would help if you also told your team members about the date of moving and the new office’s address. You also need to get a master list of people you need to send the new address to.


As part of the communication efforts, you need to ensure that the employees’ lists are up to date. You must ensure that your client list and service provider lists are also up to date.


Also, you have to make sure that your employees know what they have to do. After you might have done that, you have to make a reservation with a moving company of your choice. There is a need for you to also discuss with your IT department to understand the technologies you will need in the new office.


Therefore, you have to send your new address to your client and partners, stationary services, banks, food services companies, Telephone companies, insurance companies, the accounting department, internet service providers, among others.


Step Three

This has much to do with the logistics of moving from one office to another. You have to get a detailed office plan for the building. You need to measure the new office and understand how the office will be laid out. You will also do a lot of good by taking an inventory of your existing furniture. You also need to arrange some storage facilities if necessary.


Besides, you need to clearly define and name all communal spaces on your new floor plan. You also need to sign any official paperwork, permit, and licenses, among others. You also have to arrange for cleaning services at your current office and the new premises. After that, you need to set up security codes for the new premises as well.


It would also help if you assigned new members who will oversee their department packing responsibilities. You also need to decide on the packing procedure and layouts for the new office. After that, you need to determine and define a standardized way to label laptop screens, hard drives, keyboards, and you also have to make sure that all stakeholders are informed about this. Above all, you should tell all employees to take home their personal belongings while the company plans to move to a new location.


Step Four

When the day comes that you want to move to your new office finally, you need to make sure that you keep your emergency number printout at hand. You also need to give out a budget for refreshment for the moving team. You also need to have someone in place that will ensure that all items are arranged in an orderly manner.


Step Five

You have already moved in at this stage, and you are trying to settle down for business. You need to ensure that all areas are adequately differentiated and set for staff use. You also need to set up your computer and other materials in preparation for business. You have to set up your telephone lines and system, distribute phone lists and department locations. You need to transfer your insurance and ensure that your old leases have wrapped up as well.


Wrapping Up

So far, in this article, I have looked at the checklists to follow when you are moving to a new office. I have divided it into five stages for proper implementation. I also firmly believe that you will not have any issue if the suggestions and checklists I have laid down in this article are followed religiously. Although you still have to tailor the steps to meet up with your own specific needs as well.

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