Fridge Moving Instructions Without Breaking Your Back

Having a Nightmare about moving your fridge. No worries! 

This blog can assist you with few easy and DIY tips to follow and you would be an expert. But we undeniably recommend hiring professional movers for such heavy lifting tasks and to prevent getting your fridge smashed through the narrow stairs and small doors.



  1. Cut the Power of the Fridge the Night Before Moving


Turn off the fridge at least a night before moving. Unplug it and secure the cable to avoid stumbling and damaging it. Allow it to defrost so that any fluid, if present, can be drained off easily. If your fridge has a self-activating ice maker, disconnect the water hose and remove all ice from the freezer to prevent any leaks and damage.

P.S. – You can use a hairdryer as well for melting ice. It is always best to keep the fridge in the upright position when moving.



2. Disinfect and All the Surfaces of the Fridge


Give your fridge a spotless and thorough scrubbing. Remove all the surfaces, shelves, boxes and trays. Use hot water to get into the corners and remove any food stains. Wipe it down after cleansing.  

P.S. – Give a scrub to the outside of the fridge as well. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar  makes a good scrub.



3. Wrap Separately the Interior Shelves


Wrap the shelves in bubble wrap separately. They can shatter if you think leaving them inside would be safe. 

Simply wrap them with well with packing paper, blanket or even with a towel would solve the purpose.

P.S. – Don’t leave anything inside the fridge that can slide and break during the transit.



4. Enclose the Fridge with Packing Wrap


Secure the door with tape first and then packing wrap. Use of blankets is also worth to prevent any bumps. Invest in quality packing materials so that your fridge is well shielded from dents, and scratches. 

Never use packing tape directly on the surface of the fridge as it can leave some permanent marks on the fridge.

If you have a double door fridge, it would be a good idea to tie both the handles together to curb the opening of the door in transit.

P.S. – Enclose your fridge in two layers of protective wrapping. 


Also read: Useful Packaging Tips before moving a house 



5. Slide a Moving Trolley Underneath and Fasten a Strap


As fridges are bulky and more prone to scrapes and even dropping and splitting. Use correct equipment to transport (like sack trucks). The best way to do this is to slide the sack truck under the fridge and use a band or a strap to fix the fridge to it.

Due to its dimensions and mass, it can easily get away from your grip or even overturn over you if not held at a suitable angle. Be careful!

P.S. – Check with your back first.  Keep in mind all the space restrictions. Involve at least 2 people to carry it upright. 



6. Move the Fridge Slowly and Carefully


During the transit, ensure that the fridge doesn’t bounce and is kept in an upright position. When it comes to moving the fridge, transit has to be slow going and snail-like. 

P.S. – Wait for at least three hours before you plug and turn the fridge on, just to let the fluid settle accurately.

Sometimes, it is the best option to hire professionals and leave the heavy lifting work for them.

Feel free to contact CT Movers for handling of your fragile and heavy items. Whether it is the moving of the fridge, piano, billiards table to the new residence or any musical instruments, we are here to make it as smooth as possible. 

We have all the precise and accurate equipment to maneuver the heavy pieces for their safe transit.

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