Top Questions to Ask Your Removalist Company Before Hiring

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8 Questions Before Hiring a Removalist

Shifting your house can be fun-loving (yes, fun-loving), when an experienced and reliable removalist company can make your shifting more professional and trouble-free. 

1. How much experience do they have?

A reliable and good removalist should have gained considerable experience and have given satisfactory results throughout the years they have worked. in order to stay competitive for so long. A flawless record exhibits your authentication, punctuality and the ability to deliver goods on time and in good condition.

2. Do you have references?

You never hire an employee without assuring his references, so why would you hire a moving company without asking for their?

Reputable removalist would happily provide you with testimonials and references from past customers.

Satisfied and genuine customers’ reviews for the services you provided are quite a significant indication of reliability and high quality. Read online reviews of your chosen company.

3. Am I insured?

A sensible removalist would provide you with several kinds of moving insurances and each one has benefits. If you’re moving with any of your valuable items, ask about the insurance to cover your items during the move.

4. What all is included in the quote?

Before consenting, understand what you’re charged for and why? You must be made aware of the additional charges if any. A removalist should be transparent enough and upfront with all the costs.

Make sure to check whether packing and unpacking the items are included or not.

5. What other services do you offer?

CT movers can pack and unpack your home for you, offer house cleaning services, as well as pets transportation. Your removalist should be competent enough to assist you with any type of relocation, including office relocation.

Besides, if you just don’t have the time, or energy to move around your furniture. Speak to us and let us do all the heavy lifting for you…

6. How do they protect and treat your fragile and special items?

Heirlooms, antiques, glass-fronted furniture and musical instruments need special attention and a contemplative approach if they have to survive the move. Ask your movers how they preserve such valuable items.

Do they have enough experience to handle these fragile items with much of your sentimental values? Your mover’s skillful approach and personalized care should be of primary importance because these items are irreplaceable.

7. Will I be charged extra if the moving truck arrives before the arrival date?

One of the important questions to ask your removalist about the arrival date. When is your truckload expected to reach? Ask about guaranteed pickup and delivery service and any fees associated with warehouses and storage.

8. What do you need me to do before the move?

Your removalist might be expecting you to do before the move, find out.

  1. Removalists adhere to the Dangerous Goods Act 1985 and they may ask you to dispose of these goods before moving.
  2. You can also be asked to donate or sell your old furniture or outgrown clothes. This would reduce the amount of stuff for transport.
  3. Your removalists may also ask you to save a parking lot for the truck.

CT Movers would be cheerful to help you. We provide high-quality shiftings, with our team of professionals in Perth. We offer a full range of removalist services, including cleaning, packing and unpacking, and transit insurance.

We assure you of the safety of your belongings. Feel free to inquire about your moving date and how CT Movers can further assist you.

CT Movers assist the customers in packing, unpacking and shifting of your valuables with personal care and to the best condition. Besides, if you just don’t have the time, or energy to move around your furniture. Speak to us and let us do all the heavy lifting from one room to another for you.

We have experts to help you with like carpeting the floor, moving your beds to another room, shifting your furniture from one corner to another – just let us know.

Contact us for a hassle-free shifting and request a free quote. 

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