Reliable Labour for Hire in Perth

Well-trained, affordable and skilled workforce to cater all your relocation need.

Our hourly (1 or 2 hours) labour services enable customers to spend according to their requirements. 7 Days a week.

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If you need a strong back or extra hands or just want to save your knees, We can give you some of our trained members for use in any tedious tasks or time-consuming tasks.

Hourly work is determined (not including the use of trucks, puppets, and moving blankets), as the price reflects the number of crew members identified by you and your mobile carrier. All moves are collected in increments of 15 minutes after the two-hour minimum. The time will begin when the crew arrives at your home and ends when the job is done. We charge a flat trip fee for your convenience based on where you are going from and to. This will cover mileage, fuel, and any other travel costs required to travel to and from the office from your site.

How Labor Crews Can Help?

Rearrange furniture.

Move heavy pieces up stairs.

Load or unload your belongings.

Cleaning for your old and new premises.

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