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Packing may look like one of the simple tasks when you move, but when you think you’ll need to find professional boxes, roll bubbles, strips, posters – and much more – in a variety of sizes, you’ll realize why most leave the packaging to professionals.

Packing is an integral part of the transportation process and without packaging the items properly, it may be damaged, no matter how professional the company is to transport your items, that is why we recommend using our expert packing service. With the tracks removed, fill in your possessions for you, and your work will be as smooth as possible – the less you work, the better!

Although some people ignore the mobilization, they are actually one of the most important stages in the removal process. If your luggage is not packed properly, you may experience problems. We will use guaranteed filling techniques to ensure that all of your items are safe, even brittle items and other items requiring additional protection, such as polished furniture. When we pack your luggage, they are protected against the risk of breakage or scratching.

We work efficiently and will transport your luggage in our own storage room, using protective materials when necessary to keep your valuables – televisions, computers, sofas, etc. – free from harm.

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Alternatively, if you feel that you are able to fill your goods according to the necessary standards, we are happy to provide you with standard rolls, boxes and strips. Although it is not recommended to fill your goods because there are a lot of things that can go wrong, such as damaged goods if not packaged properly, but as a customer, we always welcome to contact us for tips on packaging. Our experts will give you the best tips to pack before you move.

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